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At Miller Family Insurance, we offer a number of products to help protect you and your family in the event of the unforeseen.  We know how important proper planning is, and how important it is to make sure you have the proper coverage for your life situation.  Among the products we offer are:

Auto InsuranceCar Insurance - While many people view car insurance as simply something required by law, it is truly one of the building blocks of basic financial security.  While it is indeed important to have car insurance, it is equally important to have the right amount and right type of car insurance.  The agents at Miller Family Insurance would be more than happy to look at your declaration sheets and evaluate your current situation.  Being underinsured is just as bad as being uninsured. 

Homeowners Insurance - For many of us, our home is our biggest asset.  It's important to protect your home in the event of damage or loss from causes beyond our control such as fire, flood, or storms.  While it can take a lifetime to make your home, only seconds can destroy it.  Let us help you prevent a bad situation from becoming worse by inadequate homeowners insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance - Like car insurance, if you're on a motorcycle you need to have proper coverage in place.  Motorcycles are a different entity than cars, and often used less.  We have very affordable motorcycle insurance policies that can protect you and your ride if things should go wrong.

ATV Insurance - Much like motorcycles, ATVs should be insured.  In fact, many states, including Ohio, require it by law.  Many of the same coverages apply, such as collision, comprehensive, bodily injury, and underinsured / uninsured motorist.

Boat Insurance - We can insure all of your watercraft, including fishing boats, jet skis, house boats, sail boats and more!  Options such as roadside assistance and on-water towing are available.

RV Insurance - RV insurance is different than car insurance in a number of ways.  We offer various RV coverages, including Vacation Liability, Emergency Expense, and Full Timer's for Class A, B, And C motor coaches and camper vans.

Earthquake Insurance - Most homeowners insurance policies do not include earthquake coverage.  However, as earthquakes do occur in most of the United States, it's worth buying.  An earthquake can cause irreparable structural damage to your home or business that may not be covered without specific earthquake insurance.  Let us take a look at your current policy and see if you have it.

home renter insuranceRenters Insurance - If you currently rent a home or an apartment from another party, their landlord insurance policy does not cover your possessions within the building.  You need a renters insurance policy to protect yourself from loss due to fire, theft, collapse, and more.  These policies are very inexpensive, and also cover some personal liability.

Landlord Insurance - If you own a home that someone other than you lives in, (even if it's family) a normal homeowners insurance policy will not cover claims against it.  For this case, you need a landlord insurance policy.  This will protect you in the event of damage to your building.  Your tenant should also buy a renters insurance policy.

Personal Umbrella Insurance - Personal Umbrella insurance is additional liability coverage above your home and auto insurance.  This provides additional protection for you and your assets in the case of a lawsuit or other judgement, and it's fairly inexpensive to obtain.

Classic Car Insurance - If you have a classic car, muscle car, street rod, or something of the like, we have special insurance coverage for you.  This policy differs in several ways than a normal auto insurance policy.  

Personal Article Floater (PAF) Insurance - This is a specific type of insurance you can buy on individual items you own, such as expensive jewelry or musical instruments, that are worth more than the standard amounts set in your homeowners insurance policy.

SR-22 - If you are caught driving without insurance, you'll need to obtain an SR-22 to prove financial responsibility.  This also can apply for DUI, DWI, at-fault accidents without insurance, license suspension or revocation, or repeat traffic offenses.

Condo Insurance - Condominium insurance is a special type of homeowners insurance that covers the personal property inside your condo.  The condo association will have insurance coverage that covers the common areas and structure of the building itself.

Mobile Home Insurance - A mobile or manufactured home is often not eligible to be covered by normal homeowners insurance, so we have a policy tailored for that case, which covers the home itself, as well as detached structures, personal property, and personal liability.

Golf Cart Insurance - Many people use golf carts in places other than the golf course.  If you're using it to ride around a campground, gated community, or other living complex, you need to have insurance on it.  This will protect you from potential liability from accidents that may occur off your own property.

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