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Earthquake Insurance Niles Warren Liberty Girard Oh

Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake is not a covered peril under a traditional homeowners insurance policy.

Earthquake insurance is a separate endorsement added to your policy. Here are a few key things to note about earthquake insurance:

- Considering that loss due to an earthquake frequently it is a total loss it is not unusual to see high deductibles, normally up to 15% of the property value.

- The allowance for your personal property is much lower. This is because an earthquake is more likely to damage the structure itself, rather than the contents.

- The exclusions are different. An earthquake policy may not cover the loss of landscaping, fencing, swimming pools, chandeliers, or china without specifically being named in the policy.

- Loss of use allowances are lower than a traditional homeowners insurance policy. This is the provision in the insurance policy that provides you lodging while your home is under repair.

- Rates vary depending on location and likelihood of an earthquake in your area.

Earthquake Insurance Niles Warren Liberty Girard Oh

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